Inger Sorensen

Winter magic

Its Winter and I have been busy lately reinventing my favourite bird. Curiosities have taken me by surprise and I'm stitching away and taking photos. 

The seal, oyster and a lovely prawn have been sold. So I'm going to make some more in the near future as my new theme is Nautical.. and I'm attempting my way of handstitched/hand painted pieces that you may recognise. 

I love making swans. There's a bit of texture in this one with ruffled string and long lashes. Made for a special occasion such as weddings, or to hang on your wall. 

And there are some falling stars in the making. The blue one is just about ready for photos. 

There's a few photos that have been posted on my IG. Perhaps you like them… Little art pieces based on the Natural world around us. They are childhood remembrances because I loved watching David Attenborough documentaries when I was little and my Mum had given me a small number of encyclopaedias which were all about Jacques Cousteau and so my influences are based on them.  I'll be making sharks, coral and whales in the future. Fantastic beasts. 

Let me know and I can list for you today. 

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