Updates on Finished art pieces

December 2017

There will be only what is listed in my Etsy shop until Dec 10th as most have sold out. And then it will be on holiday mode for the world. I will have made special pieces for the new year 2018 and they will be shown on my Instagram account danish_boots and be listed early in January.

If you have any special requests for the new year I shall be happy to make them for you.

Wishing you a wonderful December.

November 2017

Little winged adventurers, fairy foxes, and some pocket-sized fairytale characters – will be emerging in November. Don’t miss out…. They do tend to sell fast as people see how delightful they really are. All art pieces will have a handstitched bag made for the long exciting travels.

You can wear them as a brooch, or carry them in your pocket for safe keeps…. Or even place them in a frame on the wall. It’s up to you. 💕


It may be the smallest shop in the world but there is something special about small and beautiful.

Every week in October something little

and beautiful will be listed. A new bat has been listed in the first week. It is a small brooch.. wearable art piece… get one for Halloween… Keep a look out for other small surprises.