Inger Sorensen

Secret days




Starting up secrets

I have been slowly setting up a website in my spare time.  If I can be a busy mother then I can do anything right?. Right! There were some major considerations to be thought out before I went ahead, and its been mulling over in my mind for quite a while, plus it was a definite goal of mine this year.


I made a timeframe, and within  two weeks all the content that seemed necessary was simplified down into little catergories that  I needed: (and I’m sure it can be condensed some more.) I am a planner, and love to know how my day will go ahead, seeing things get done takes a lot of undue pressure of the day.


– Good art pieces require natural light, colour and composition.  They need a story and leap out of the photo to say ‘hey, look at me!’.

Every spare moment was to take pictures of what I made, because editing was the hard part.

The recognition of some of my  photos has been great on Instagram and there are some great apps out there that I am willing to share.

Content: blog; what to blog about?

Am I ready to blog and do I have the skills to blog and post. I have been practising secretly on Medium under Notebookdane I’m surprised to get views but you have to start somewhere.


Emails- a lot of people have been inquiring if I have a website or shop. This means there are a few buyers out there interested now. So a definite timeline to launching a website was needed.

Research: This is one of the most important things to do if your ever starting a website. A knowledge and understanding of how to install, how to choose a plan, a theme, how to customise, the costs. Its overwhelming: I’m keeping it simple, quality-paced, and user friendly, allowing time for me to develop it more professionally and business like. There you have it, its been time-consuming and exciting. Send me an email if you want to know more about my work. Enjoy the beginning of everything.