Inger Sorensen

The performer

I don’t make ragdolls very often but sometimes they beckon you to be made.

She’s a performer in every sense. Maybe it was the colours that brought this performer to life.. Not perfectly made but there is a presence of fun and whimsy, poetic and circus-enchanted. Perhaps even the way she poses reminds me of street entertainers in a motionless trance that captures the imagination. But she like the others must be shared because I think she’s beautiful.

Beautiful with the raw edges of fabric showing everywhere.

This is her debut to the world. Opening act number 1, the curtain raiser.

A brave solo performance. An artist.

Don’t miss out next time on my blog…. there will be small brooches finished called the “little helpers”. I was making them for October and will post on IG this week one of the characters of cuteness…but somehow this lovely ragdoll kept stopping me because she really wanted to be finished and do a small performance…. but thats how time passes with me… working on small projects here and there.

Holidays have arrived and I get to explore more ideas at home with my children. It’s going to be fun.