The Ballerina.

The Ballerina has been a most unexpected surprise in my imagination. She is so deftly sweet, enchanting and magical that I want to make more. I did and they sold.

She comes in a handstitched bag as well as a small one specially made for her.

It takes me about 3 to 4 days to make because she is handstitched and painted. I have to let the paint settle on the fabric. Even her tutu is painted with a light-coloured wash of my favourite watercolours.

I have been experimenting with a different type of fabric because to prime the fabric is important…sometimes calico is great, sometimes it can feel too stiff and sometimes a thin cotton can have a weak ripped effect and I want to paint as well as stitch with the smallest of needles.

I found I’m happy with a new type of white woven cotton.. (it’s a secret I can’t reveal just yet )…but I will be happy to share on my next blog.

Anyway I’m making another ballerina just in case there’s some one who would love an art piece…I will list her on Etsy at the end of the week.

She is 6 inches tall… and made with care and attention to detail, and has lovely long eyelashes.

Have you visited my IG site… there’s so much to see.. come and view today. For me it’s a warm friendly environment to engage in and find inspiration.