Inger Sorensen

Taking the right picture.

We are heading into a great month. June.. artistic variations are occurring and my mind has been meticulously ticking over some interesting styles that challenge the way I sew.  I’ve slightly changed, revamped ideas with old ones and trying my best to use the last pieces of vintage scraps.

Bat brooch listed on Etsy

I enjoyed the process of making this bat brooch. There are wire in his wings. It took a lot longer than expected but stitching tiny stitches keeps my mind focused. I want to make another one but different. 

He is now listed with other small brooches. 

Do you know how I take photos. It’s quite messy, divergent and takes a real sense of concentration on my part. I am by no means a professional photographer and studying photography was fun as part of my studies in art school… but the best ways of getting ideas is to look on Instagram at what interests you, or Pinterest will provide a wealth of knowledge for the amateur. 

I tend keep the palette simple with matching or similar tones. I’m not good at mixing things up…and trying to focus without blurring the subject is a must.  There have been times I must admit that the focus has been a bit dreary. I use a tripod now and again but most I look and shoot. 

The lighting of course is essential. I always have natural light. The items are placed by a window. Bright light tends to destroy photos. I keep an extra white card to deflect shadows. Move it around to gain a better balance….you can see shadows fade. It really works.

And yes.. I use filters… but I know it can seriously ruin a photo… be limited in how you upchanged a shot. Too much meddling can cause grainy dark confusion in a picture. ( have a go, take a break for 10min and relook one more time to be sure it works for you… if it doesn’t then start again).

I have lots of cameras (many are too old to work) but My iPhone and a small digital canon are my simple top 2 favourites).

I love the canon only because I’ve wanted this one for a while and sending selected photos to the phone from this camera is quick and makes editing a lot more easy.  There is a bonus in the megapixels which are important for me in the clarity of photos. 

Iphones are awesome and have all the extras I could ever want… especially in apps.
These are some of the apps I use before sending to Instagram or uploading to make a blog. I alternate depending on the mood of the photo. Each have their advantages. I would just recommend choosing one and having lots of practice. 




Pic Collage

Here’s a couple of links if you are in the mood for handmade brooches. Tomorrow I’m listing a ragdoll. View on Instagram