textile art dolls

Styling the little ones

What ways do you style your products?…. and what do you use to show case your special pieces?

“My Instagram site showcases a variety of ways of how I style my newly made art gifts… I think the engagement of comments gives rise to many new ideas.”

I hope it might give you an idea too.

1. Natural light emphasises art. It is my essential number one thing before taking photos. I don’t use a light box. (One day I might). 98% of my photos are in a light filled area.. by a window. The blinds go up if more natural light is needed. I use a white board to diffuse the harshness of light. And to tell the truth there’s nothing wrong with shadows now and again. They give a real edge to the most humble picture. I use a plain white board or a grey tile to place everything on and sometimes I just use my wooden work table.

2. I have many props. Being an avid collector over the years has enabled me to make choices.. colour, texture, shape, layers that I have created my own small object library –

All sorts go there.. shells, rocks.. paper.. natural curiosities… toys.. word cards..things I make.. the list is endless but they are a collection of my favourite things. I am constantly rearranging so that it gives me insights to inspiration… this allows me to make decisions of what to use.

3. I place a few props around newly made art pieces.. never to take away from the main character but to add something that makes the eye roam and the mind think in aesthetic terms.. for instance paper is quite enchanting.. the most humble material ever created,….creased, wrinkled, folded, packaged.. place that around with a quirky character of a similar colour palette in a plain card box with soft organic cotton and a new world is created in soft tones.

Lastly I love photographing props on my journal or clipboard and even sharing my drawings.. work in progress… and writings.. there’s something special about documenting ideas.. it’s like I’m part storyteller, part historian/writer and artist.

And that is pretty much all there is to know in my styling habits. The combination of Light with a few pieces of my collections arranged around a new art piece all ready for a photo shoot.

Of course you could always look on Pinterest or Instagram by just typing in your favourite sites and be inspired by it all.

Well I’m off to get more props for a small circus bear in a sack wanting honey.

Click below if you want to see my way of styling. Or if you would like an art piece let me know.