Inger Sorensen

Sea horses and fairytales 

For those who know me on Instagram or are becoming familiar with my blog and work.. I am about creating little enchanting characters…story-bound fairy tales, pieces of art created by leaving the machines and stitching by hand. Why? Because it’s worth it.  To share my work makes me happy. To sew one stitch at a time allows room for organic growth, potential to think outside the square and come up with unique pieces for an audience to love.

A link to message me.. Ive just learnt this URL.. might be using it on Facebook more often. 

A few items have been listed on etsy. If you’re interested click the link below.

They are created for special events that happen in our lives. I think they are all individually unique. I love the fact that I don’t use a machine to sew. The traditional way of stitching suits me fine. The seahorse has always been a creature I’ve wanted to make… simplicity of magic and ideas, also some bridesmaids gifts were created and so I went with the flow.  See them on Instagram I’m sure you will love them.

 Well…  I’m off to make a swan. 


2 Comments on “Sea horses and fairytales 

  1. Inger I love the top seahorse too!!
    Do you happen to do mermaids? I’m really big into my Danish heritage and well I’m sure you understand that! I’d love to possibly order a couple items related to the sea or Denmark (if you do those).
    Jodi (Sorensen) Wroblewski 🇩🇰

    1. Hi Jodie,
      Thats great.. my work reflects a Danish history of an art style.
      I have done mermaids and pearls in the past..I am finishing off a small project and will have a go at them again and let you know.
      I have a new etsy shop showcasing my process and work. Or if you are in NZ let me know.
      If you would like to purchase the seahorse.. details are on etsy.. as I make small items or we can message details through email or this link. Take your time.
      Thank you.

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