Inger Sorensen

Ragdoll update

She’s quite lovely and needs a fitting. I’ve had a go at multitasking… work on dolls…a bit of hanstitching clothes… fixing up an owl who needs a dress. It keeps me busy.. and trying to fit in an interview which I’ll reveal in another post. My children are getting bored from the holidays. 

I think I’ve improvised more on my photos and added a more glamorous kind of look to some of my photos: still keeping a Nordic feel… sometimes its minimalist sometimes crazy. I still preferring the earthly homeward style on my desk with the rustic brown tones and blotches of ink covering my wooden table: along with reels of cotton and thread everywhere…But we all grow slowly out of our shells to self discovery on new things… gaining a little more confidence as we get older and explore other ways of designing.

Here is Baby Rhino. I’m a fan… I was thinking about how to make the patterns for his head and on the second attempt it worked.  Still a work in progress and my daughter has been looking to add him to her collection.. but not this one..,. so I taught her to paint a Rhino with watercolours and we will sew simple stuffed ones soon. She’s quite clever without knowing it.

These 2 will be listed before the end of May with another doll.

I’m making a few goals this week too.

1. I’m getting better at putting links to posts. 

2. I’m getting better at posting on Google+

3. Try not to overthink things when creating a character. This is important because I don’t get anything done when this happens. 

This is the link to my Facebook page. Nothing terribly exciting on it.   It’s a work in progress but there are some who like to use Facebook and I follow some really nice artists.

Next time I’m opening up in sharing tips about sewing in general at my home. 
💕 thanks for reading my posts. I appreciate it.