Inger Sorensen

November’s wings.

November will be my hide away time and place for just mixing creations together. Watercolours and small creatures with wings will fill the air with a harmony of colour and of course a little magic.

I do tend to spend more time drawing and stitching in the late afternoon… this part of the day has great natural light and concentration seems to be more workable for me.

I have recently found tucked away in a secret drawer my collection of watercolours. They are precious treasures that I am using as backdrops for pieces I make.

Anyway not to take up too much time, I have been a busy sparrow and made a little winged collection…. updates will be posted soon in the Updates section and also posts on IG will continue… so you can see what is new.. This is My fondest collection yet. Keep an eye out for the swan.. she’s nearly finished.

My Fairy Fox have also attracted the interest of some people, and so I have also been finalising special wings and making a few more to be listed soon.