Inger Sorensen

New Projects

I love to make things.

I have an old vintage table where most of the working dreams of imagination happen… from drawings, to swatches to packaging. It gets pretty messy with all the imagination happening.

At the moment there is a vintage typewriter quietly resting…waiting for me to tap those letters down onto paper.

By typewriter labels, names and addresses are made.

By typewriter small ideas are quickly noted. (But I consistently sketch, draw and scribble notes daily).- that part never changes.

The humbled typed look gives a more personal touch. Perhaps it is a personal favourite thing to do. We are all attracted to the same things – styling, colours.. which will be my new subject next time.

Have you met Lucy.. she’s made from spun cotton, she is painted in white acrylic and watercolours.

My goal is to get better at making little characters and learning a new skill is tricky, (I am not particularly fast at making things because I tend to stop and look at the most minute details.)

My other new projects are this bird brooch and velvet mushrooms. I really like making mushrooms and it isn’t often I find time but now I have fabulously found vintage velvet to work with.. -a great motivator- and later in the week a small princess will be listed….it’s time to go now and finish a couple of custom orders.

I will be listening this bird Sunday 8th 8pm NZ time.