Inger Sorensen

New ideas. New ballerina.

“Expressions of the heart, everything comes from learning about yourself.”

Finding ideas to create something new can sometimes become stagnated between new periods of creativity and I usually know when that blank period creeps up like a slow shadow, hindering some expressive moment. Some people might find this time a difficult challenge to overcome because creative blocks can be prolonged with angst, anxiety and be totally time consuming.

I am much better now of pursuing other artistic pathways of getting that inspiration to the front end of my table.

Today I am working on velvet mushrooms and taking the last photos of a newly made ballerina. She certainly has the poetic aesthetic I am looking for. A hint of vintage nostalgia.

She’s seems so fragile with long limbs. And is 5 inches tall. I made two but the other one didn’t pass the grade. Harsh to say, but I’m not sending faulty parts out into the world… and when you work alone for so many hours you need the best bits to come from your imagination.

Integrity of vision is a vital factor in creating and sometimes the subject demands you to design something from the heart that you strive to understand every aspect, detail, flaw and raw imperfection. I hold these little art pieces and I think… is it good enough to send to someone. So if you see a piece on IG…it must of passed the grade. She will be posted this week.

I like owning my work and especially love to share as much as I can with you.

One of my goals is to make a pattern, so you can create one of your own dolls…. another is to make digital prints.. but all in good time..

Feel free to check out more art pieces on Instagram. Have a great week.