Inger Sorensen

My November story

Making little things.. I am grateful that I can indulge in a passion of creativity and make others happy.

All this leads to me thinking about time and meeting new goals to refining what I make when I can. This week I could not really blog because We were all sick… so I rested and took a backseat to think about new methods I could try and I came up with Mr Foxx. When the energy came back I was so eager to make something and truly excited to start, drawing and creating him. (I have that internal feeling inside of me wanting to create one more knowing it could possibly be better).

He wears a small necklace.

However it may seem… I am not always on task… there can be a lot of mayhem in my house before I engage in the artistic endeavour to complete something… ( or it could be just be the vibes of November herself indulging in secret chaos for me and completing orders is such a pleasure which needs to be highly organised. I have a routine. If the kids are happy I am happy and Motherhood can bring challenges everyday.

Each day flows too fast and each day seems to past by in a blur… and I’m just on the cusp of making art pieces more better and more intriguing by the hour. Time stands still when I am creating.

Now I am off to make another deer for a special order.

And there’s my November story for you.