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My favourite things.

Lately I have worked out a particular style about my work process. Sometimes it dawns on me that this is how I manage to make art pieces, and it follows a particular cycle. I like all things to be different and imaginative. I like all my work to have an original freedom to extend from. I always go back to the beginning… another character, then a doll, painting and journals.

First I make anthropomorphic characters like this unfinished mouse… I just about gave up on him but now he’s one of my favourites. For me to finish a doll, they need rest time which allows moments of asking the question 

“What else could I offer this ragdoll, artdoll?”

“What could possibly make it better?”

So a few nights ago I sat with my children watching movies and I just did little bits, legs, made pants, used a few threads to embroider and that kept up the momentum.  I quite like stitching and fitting in extra hours.  I tend to be a work-a-holic right up to the late hours. And with my children being older, they sometimes ask to join in on a one to one session;  painting, stitching a pillow or a stuffed toy that they are capable of doing and for them selves. – They love making handmade books and writing stories in it and they certainly love the expensive watercolours and brushes to use. It will be a very nice memory to remember and share when they  are adults: The opportunity to sit in Mums chair and use Mums favourite items: that special time your children secretly need you to hang out with them in their time not my time. I’m getting better at recognising this time- it is my favourite thing to do with my children. …. the satisfaction, the smile they show from a piece of work they have learned from me is priceless. And I know that they do better artwork and have better skills from home than at school. (I’m a retired primary teacher- and I’m still disappointed at the lack of art skills that could be taught in the school they attend).

(I must remember to photograph these timely moments. its one of the nicest things to do with family to see some skills being passed along.) My Mother taught me to knit the simple stitches and crochet, I taught her how to use a sewing maching and keep it cleaned.

So now you know my Art Cycle. After a new anthropomorphic character is completed I tend to always go back to making Ragdollies which is my new word for simple girlie dolls which I love.  They tend to have a boyish charm.. I love handstitching pants and vests, hats, bags with tiny books.

The last few days I’ve only wanted to do some drawings and make books. It savours up time to think about the next imaginative character emerging in my head. And its a Rhino. Mmmmh…. I’m figuring out how to handstitch this new Rhino and imagine wonderful clothes to enhance his looks. Its interesting to conjure up the image. 

In case you were wondering….. In May I will list some more Ragdollies… in Etsy… I have been slow but that’s because other important exciting things have ventured in our lives. 

I’m thinking of a strategic plan to follow with goals and set dates. With a plan I can see what I’m doing and achieving at the same time. I can’t give away all my secrets yet.

A wonderful person bought a collection of mine before Easter. (I hadn’t really made an Easter collection – I make rabbits quite often..).. but this client fell in love with quite a few things…. I do tend to post on Facebook too incase your from New Zealand and find it easier to purchase and email me. But Instagram has my weekly posts of what I tend to be working on and pictures of what I will be selling in the future. 💕