Inger Sorensen

Imagination at my table.

The plus side to making your own products, is the way to style them. I am the most unconventional stylist, the flatlay works, the hanging pieces also work and I often use my favourite found items, pair it with a newly made art piece and it's ready to go.
Making, styling and photographing makes my day more meaningful by knowing I did it my way.

My favourite items that you may often see when I'm photographing are brown paper, twine and tape, white paint..
shells, stars, birds, nests, fairies, (the world of natural resources is forever present): I have a natural curiosity table set up to borrow props from.

And ribbons with bells: I might use these more often.

Do you know how to catch a moon? I wanted a simple warm natural look… the only way to do that was less pop of colour and minimal use of my favourite items.

I love brown paper and brown sticky tape along with twine. The less you have the more honest my imagination keeps me. It reminds me of the old school days.. those rainy days where you are inside at lunchtime exploring with materials and that's all the teacher had in the resource area. Armed with scissors, sticky tape.. newsprint paper, string… and empty spools of cotton, the world was yours.. I made books, drew cats, cut everything and stuck everything together even past the bell time and everything you made was gently crammed into those beautiful wooden desks with your marks scratched on the top lids.

The way to catch a moon is to attach a piece of twine to it and sticky tape it down. Then it can still sleep peacefully and not float too far from you.

Remember if you're interested in these one a kind art pieces.. small, delicate and look great as a piece of decore in your home, DM me on Instagram or Etsy.