Inger Sorensen

Finding something special

The curious collector in me

On my hunting and collecting days.. I’m looking for the curious, the odd one of a kind item that sticks out. It’s what I like….a reflection of me.. a bit of unknown story-telling that maybe needs another chapter in its life. Sometimes I wonder about the symbolic representation it carries. The simple things are the most intriguing.

Today was a set of silver dog pins.. but first it was the box.. (my obsession with card is perpetual curiosity…..I can’t help it) then the tiny dog pins peaked an interest.. so I purchased the outcast box that nobody wants.. brought it home and placed a newly finished bat in it. I was in fact looking for something different to photograph the bat in…and I’m happy with the results. A bit of shininess, a bit of texture, and colours of the gold contrast with small black outlier stitches.

What do you love to collect? I would love to know.

If you love handmade Curious characters follow the links below. There’s quite a bit of imagination going on.

This small bat is for sale. You will find him listed in my Etsy shop on September 10th along with a few others.