Inger Sorensen

Fairy Foxes

These are some of the Fairy Foxes I have worked on during the week.

I had trouble deciding which photos to use for the blog so I picked my favourite 10.

These lovely fairytale foxes have been reserved for people around the world.

I feel like making a few more.

The wings have a wire in them so you can shape them how you like.

I love the way they make me smile.

Lace, tulle wings, or cotton… or try shimmering fabric for wings. Take your pick.

Put them in your pocket and go for adventures…. or simple wear one and say ‘I’m a fairy fox fan

I must make one for me as I love them in small picture frames.

I will be making some more and popping them in the shop this weekend. If you like one dm me. They are about 2 inches tall.

In the meantime have a fantastic week.