Inger Sorensen

Fairies in my house

There are a lot of props I like to use. My cupboards are literally full to the brim which means I have to be a bit more minimal in what I'm trying to achieve.

It's nice to take a break from designing little pieces and practice on my photography…. achieving a certain look of an art-piece can sometimes be challenging and steal snippets of time.
My first shots are always boring.. then unexpectedly after a bit of editing something magical appears.

I have decided to find ways of capturing a fairy on camera. My latest props are a large glass jar… twine, brown paper tape and a fairy.
It was very tricky to photograph because of reflections bouncing and glaring back but I got there. I think some fairy friends may be needed in my next series of work. And perhaps more jars.. I'm fascinated with the effects.

It is the sweetest little curiosity to find in your house and if you ever catch one be sure to set it free.

These are my oyster pearls.. dozing off in their little aquarium. I'll also be designing more in the future. I love how this turned out.
If you are interested in having your own fairy made for you let me know… they look fantastic in jars. DM me on Instagram.. link below.