Inger Sorensen

Evaluating the year

I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner. A whole year nearly gone.

I’m excited..My children will be setting up their Grandparents house with decorations and I was thinking of making a couple of Christmas ornaments to hang on my Mothers Christmas tree. I can’t wait to start. They will be my December babies from the woods and then I can carry on every year with something new.

I am not rushing making things in December – my ideas have been quite simplistic and I am unwinding and finishing embroidery patterns on sleepy garden cats, and I feel like making swan brooches and a rabbit. I have however delved into making a bug and a moth – a little more practice will be needed when I can spare some special hours dedicating time to looking at shapes and legs before I show photos.

My special note: A big thank you to those who have purchased my handmade creations and left beautiful reviews. Some have purchased quite a few times this year and I suppose it’s like revisiting a store you like because it’s a bit different and unique. I aim to get better all the time in design but always keeping in mind to show a difference in design and detail. It was a great pleasure to make special handstitched bags for each item… and also send little gifts with items all wrapped up is a wonderful thing I like to do. (My mother taught me that… giving gifts is what she always did..)

I do have a fabulous sewing machine to use but at the end of the day, handstitching with thread and needle seem to take precedence.. it prompts a conservative but consistent quality of a style of work I prefer to do.

The deers and fairy foxes seemed to be a favourite to send around the world. And finally a big thank you for those who follow me on Instagram and push the heart button. (Truly humbled)

It was an ongoing goal to try my best at social media. Learning how to link urls, write blogs, make art pieces and photograph these treasures was a great learning curve which I taught myself and am self evaluating and making improvements next time so I am not wasting time on the wrong things.

Keep an eye out for up dates. I am getting better at these too.