Inger Sorensen

Creating a Fairytale world

This is the emergence of a new swan… I will slowly reveal her on IG as she’s a work in progress. She will be listed in November.

Some of us like to live in world of working that involves snippets of enchanted characters and as artists we can evolve, go through phases, or simply create new anthropomorphic beings that the world can be introduced to love.

The characters that I have designed would be what already exists on my Instagram page DanishBoots

and there would be familiar pieces that I have remade again for special custom orders because they have missed out on the original that had been previously sold.

I have continued and changed my impression of how bats can be made, swans, little ragdolls and the humble mushroom that reveals its beauty with vintage fabric of old velvet.

There’s a romanticism, a new poetry, perhaps even a unique style forming with this fabric which will take me on little beautiful journeys and I am getting that raw jpeg image of every design in my brain out there to share.

My art teacher always said

… ‘Children are the most natural artists in the world. They already have the intrinsic notion of composition, colour, line, energy and so on….(And that’s the essence of my art pieces…).’

I hope my drawings and art pieces have intuitively come alive into my imagined space of fairytale performance. They certainly have their happy place in my heart when finished.

And hopefully…. The inner-child nature inside me has strived to design something interesting…for you, whether in a nostalgic way, a memorable childhood of playing with toys, or just a emotional state.

Now I understand why I like to work alone in the quiet hours… (and also why other artists work like that too).

These little pretties have been packaged and off they go to Finland in a special embroidered bag to the most wonderful patient customer. I’m grateful for those who take a chance to purchase something special from me and do it more than once. Next time I will ask them permission if I can write their names on my blog.

And don’t forget to look in my shop from time to time… a special occasion might come up and I just might have the right gift for you. It’s a small shop but there’s something special about smallness. There’s still some mushrooms left.. let me know if you would like some.

In November a new collection will be added. My fondest yet to show.