Inger Sorensen

Childhood influences

I always remember making and wrapping gifts for everyone for all sorts of occasions. Times haven’t changed.. I still do it.

As a child I remember drawing small characters and dolls on scrap pieces of paper and keeping them in old school writing books. I also remember that wrapping a present was more special with old twine and paper with my art pieces on them. And lastly my favourite Christmas present to my mother was getting all the photos from her beginning years with us and carefully putting them in an album that she still has today.

Childhood memories have influenced how I approach this art style and kept at it…. the exciting part is that there is always more to reveal in new characters carefully sketched in notebooks.

I’ve done the planning for the next 3-4 weeks. So in mid-October new enchanting characters will be listed.

New Drawings are now completed and it’s nearing the end of September. ..the next steps are choosing characters and a colour palette.

It may take up to a week or two of stitching by hand and painting. I look forward to photographing each art piece and finding the camera magic.

Then I am entering The final stages of editing each photo which can be at times challenging because it’s choosing what to post on IG, Twitter, FB, Medium.

There’s time for real conversations and engagement with viewers especially on IG …(Engagement is important because they often send positive messages and trust that I am not only a very real artist but that my pictures reminds them of childhood memories and experiences with toys, dolls, and art). Thank you.. I am truly grateful.

If there is time I write a short blog about the new items – sharing ideas that may hopefully inspire others to be creative in their home. And then I list them on Etsy.

All this has to be well-organised on a weekly to monthly time frame.

… (it’s my goal to always finish a well crafted piece not a rushed one.)

My favourite part of a finished art piece is the packaging, a handwritten letter of thanks and an authentic stamp Notebookdane. Designed by me. I designed this name because I write and draw a lot in my notebooks just like when I was little… placing this stamp on the packaging assures me that this new piece is authentic in every aesthetic way.

As an artist, “what do you do to make progress in new pieces?”

“Do you have a timeline, a list.. your own logo..are you good at meeting deadlines?”

“Can you reflect on childhood experiences that have helped you to be motivated in what you do today?”

This year I look forward to wrapping small handmade gifts for the family. My daughter enjoys this too and now we carry on the tradition.

My last blog I said I would reveal a fabric that I like to work on. It’s called organic cotton. Or a woven white cotton also does the trick.. but your personal preference is your own, you might have a material that works for you and how you sew. I prime with a white paint always.

I have listed this seahorse today, the ballerina was reserved to a special lady. But 2 more ballerinas will be up later on today.. don’t miss out. I will be posting on IG when they go up in the shop.

Have a great day everyone.