My Nordic design

The Natural world has a special place in my heart for its curiosities and I’m swept away by the variations in patterns, the patina, the imperfections that make things perfect.

Writing lists, taking photos and finding a colour palette is all in a days work. I’m still quite drawn to the warm beige and dark brown shades of colours that lie in shadows…and I think I probably will always be attracted to the earthly look. Shells always look beautiful in their cold-variegated patterns with their chalked off whites tones.. I love tiny shells placed in a vessel on top of soft organic cotton. The effect is generally a wow factor for me.

Did you know I’m a collector of all sorts. Everything gets sorted and table-scaped so I can constantly see what works together. Is it the patterns on a shell or the crumbled-paper look on a dying rose or the old wrinkly writing paper that you dare not touch – because they are simply beautiful just being bare…should I write on them and the matching envelopes. Once I have set up a space for these bits and pieces… edited a few pictures then I know what I will make and a theme unravels itself so I’m set on a little journey of designing something small and intriguing.
You never know. All these collections in my travels and treasure trove days would make for a great reference book- styling those special keepsakes.

Everything I make has origins, a story, an unknown piece of history ready to reveal itself. This little deer above in the photo is a reminder of my favourite season Winter and creatures in the forest. I made her because I met an old hunter and he spoke of his hunting expeditions.. He came upon a new born deer. Have you ever seen one? This deer art piece has gone to Finland. What an exciting adventure there is in store for her. (Thank you Katri)

And this star is dreamy…tiny gold wings to fly.. wears a small cotton vest…not quite finished. Nordic design has many influences on me when it comes to design and texture, I think besides the texture and relationship to Nature and the Natural environment there is a a underlying story telling of enchantment going on and unfortunately only one of a kind pieces are made. Sometimes a client requests something similar.. and that’s fine because I can see why they want it.
Winter has secret treasures that I collect and bring inside…twigs, nests…shells…very much earthy stuff and I have kept some for years they look great in pictures and look perfect on trays.
They have their own immortality and get better looking as they age and I hope designing these little art pieces will have the same effect.

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