Inger Sorensen


We are attracted to certain things

I have certainly have my favourite artists, authors, and poets that have stemmed from childhood influences. I read my first Shakespeare’s poem when I was 10. I watched my first theatre play Orthello, at aged 15 in Wellington, a high school trip.

My first favourite artist – Colin McCahon, I studied art history about him and when I went to art and design school many years later, my art tutor was taught by Colin McCahon and was his top student in his time. So you see things have their idiosyncratic style, serendipity or karmic influences that are meant to be.

In between the years, I travelled to different countries and I remember visiting the Van Goef Museum in Holland several times and observed all the paintings of the great masters. I sat and studied every portrait, every colour, every detail that would consume the soul. And here I am designing little things to get the Artist out of me to share to the world.

But there will be other stories to tell for another time.

I can’t follow or copy what the greatest artists in history did, but all that knowledge and the skills I have learnt along the way ensures me that I create what I can, at my own pace and knowing what I am attracted too and what inspired the spark.

My pieces are poetic, theatrical, detailed, and sometimes have Natures hidden colours, tastes or textures… nobody starts from nowhere, there’s always an influence and I’m glad to share pieces of my world because the world showed me.

I’d like to know what has influenced your style, is it a memory from childhood, something you saw, touched or we’re totally fascinated with. Let me know.