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art dolls, Inger Sorensen

           Creative planning 

I’ve slowly transitioned into a new work mode. I do feel like creating more anthropomorphic charming characters; and they must display an emotion that connects us all to them, whether it be a slight gesture of the body or a quaint expression in its face; The way it holds on to some object of affection …

art dolls, Inger Sorensen

Making the mini 5

I love making art pieces. They are thought-bewildered characters; They are delightful-signatures of my self thinking soul: And they are imaginative-dreaminess for the doll admirer. The mini 5: they are a collection that represents a new style of art that will evolve into future projects. I love photographing and finding what makes them interesting. Are …

art dolls, textile art dolls

Little circus Monkey 🐒 

Cute as a button  My intentions are to make a collection of circus animals. Bears, horses, acrobats and more. This one is for whispering secrets and….He likes mushrooms: ‘Mushrooms are magnificently magical’ Artists are always evolving ways of hand stitching these lovelies.  I totally understand why… but that’s a secret I intend to share later …