About Me

Mission: taking art forward

Vision: to inspire those who love art handmade

My core values: to create, to share and to design beautiful art pieces to the world.

Goals: taking art forward with stories, making quality handstitched items.

Taking responsibility for my part in the environment.

My name is Inger, I live in New Zealand, making unique rare pieces, from new and discarded fabric. All handstitched, painted and designed with the imagination of curiosity, revealing a new life of fairy tale and soulful magic.

Items sold around the world.

Keep up to date with finished items on my blog… IG, and Twitter…..

If you are interested in one of my treasured art pieces.. I can list for you on Etsy. Link below.

if you would like a similar item but it has been sold let me know.. sometimes I can do a specialised piece again.