Inger Sorensen

A few organic tips in sewing.

Hi everyone, 

I thought I’d do something a bit different on this blog. Showcasing what I use and a few sewing 101 tips.  I have the urge to share ideas specially if you are new to the handmade world. I have a work space in an old villa that I like to work in with natural light that floods in varying degrees throughout the day. From there it is easier to move from room to room with little pieces of equipment.

My sewing tips…. I often sew by hand because it’s quite satisfying and for some reason good quality pieces get finished.

These are what I do daily. Bits of embroidery, make parts of a doll, make little patterns for clothes, find the right fabric swatches; and endlessly wonder what these characters will wear for a photo shoot. Perhaps you already do it.

I always have a small wooden box or tray with the things I need on it. 

Threads, cut up fabric, scissors and pins and a book with embroidered patterns…accompany me…sometimes I have a journal to jot down notes and make a few scribbles- they become quite important because I’m known for misplacing the smallest things and when it’s needed it seems to be lost.

Favourite scissors. I have two main scissors that I always use. I found a pair of American scissors, sleek, small rimmed handles and silver…went to get them sharpened… because they are pretty old…  I was told they were in fact hairdressers scissors… but they are by far my favourite. Wonderful at cutting, turning… no bulking handles here. And it slides through all sorts of fabrics beautifully. I also have the old black handled scissors of yesterday that belonged to my Mum…..they look great in photos.

My other scissors are plain embroidery cutting scissors, always essential in quick work… They are great to travel with. Sometimes I leave early to pick up the kids from school and want to work on last minute ideas in stitching little projects. I just sit and concentrate on finishing items if I can. Being a Mum you learn to multitask everything. Reading books about doll making, embroidery patterns etc intrigue me and if I’m not stitching I’m researching information which I will share on another blog.

Those stitching hours can creep up on you when your truly busy in the creative zone. I’m trying something new all the time, brooches have become my favourite thing and I’ve found ways to incorporate them into the art dolls as accessories..and I’m slowly taking an interest in spun cotton ornaments…. I’m allowing an ample amount of time during the week to research spun cotton content. 
Did you know I write very short, quirky blogs as well. I find Medium a great place to just write a blog, share your projects, market your creations. You never know sometimes someone likes your work.

Meet little lamb. I’m working on simplicity and soft materials. We’ll see how this one goes because I have quite a full on week coming up with other things happening. 

It’s good to take a break now and again to regain that special focus.

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